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The Streetlights Flicker...

...Like This Match In My Hand

Punks of the South
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This is not only a place for punkers, but any kind of stereotype not normally seen in the "ole south". Punkers, Skankers, Emo Kids, Kandee Kidz, Goths, and any thing not common in the South is welcome. All ages, races, genders, and sexualities will be welcome. No discrimination at all.

Addendum, June 24, 2003

I never figured this community would take off like this. We're at 90 members currently :D Please continue to enjoy yourselves, and feel free to put the word out.


1. No quizzes. If you're going to post quizzes, either use an LJ-cut tag in this journal, or post them in your own journal.

2. If you're going to insult someone....don't. Critical discussion -is- welcome. Mindless insults, flaming, and trolling isn't.

3. Please, no country boys or people praising rap.

Above all, please have fun.

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